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Documentation for Socks profile needed


Hi, I have a socks5 client in my network and socks proxies running on Bluecoat, load balanced by LTM. To make sure the back connection from the proxies to the client on the client advertised ports works, I want to configure socks awareness on the LTM. Yet, I do not understand the documentation for the socks profile.


I only want to make LTM socks aware, i.e. LTM reads the socks communication between client and proxy, understands the port advertisment in the CONNECT od UDP_ASSOCIATE request and opens it dynamically.


However, in the socks profile I need to specify a tunnel and a resolver, which gives me the impression that the socks profile makes the LTM itself a socks proxy, which is not what I want.


Is there any way to make the LTM socks aware as described above?


Cheers Dirken



Legacy Employee
Legacy Employee

Might be too late but this configures a socks profile on BIG-IP: