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Cookie persistence timeout and expiration



Hi all,


In the cookie persistence settings we are seeing 2 options one is expiration and other one is timeout .

Under cookie insert method we have expiration option where by default session cookie is enabled which expires after that session or we can mention the h.m.s values.

Timeout value duration of persistence entries.


What is the difference between two of this?

If we mention 3600 in timeout or we use 1.0.0 in expiration are these both same or functions different?






From K83419154: Overview of cookie persistence:


"When you check Session Cookie (the default value), the system generates a session cookie. This cookie expires when the user session expires (that is, when the browser is closed). When you don't check Session Cookie, you can specify the expiration interval in Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds."


Hi JG,

Thank you, I did go through the article.

But my question is can I use expiration option instead of timeout value?

Instead of checking the session cookie I can give the values h.m.s, can I use it instead if using the timeout option?

Of course you can. The advantage of a session cookie is security, for the session will be automatically remove when the user closes the browser; otherwise, the session would persist across browser restarts, which could be a problem for computers in a public place.

Thank you JG, that clarifies my confusion, once you uncheck the session cookie option the functionality of expiration and the timeout option is same if my understanding is correct.​

Not the same. The session cookie is more for security and the other option is for persistence only. If you unckeck the session cookie option, you can enter the timeout option, which can make the session expire before the user finishes or long after the user finises (if the user does not log out) so you need to be careful. the expiration is for the session and the timeout value is the persistence entry of that particular cookie value?​

Not really. Probably it's best for you to lay out why you need the cookie in the first place so that we can work out what the config should be.

Ok.. so if we need the session value of cookie to end before or after the default value we can customize it to use expiration option, and mention our own values.

That is correct.

Thanks JG, that pretty much clarifies my doubt.​



I'm facing an issue with expiration of the session cookie.

In my cookie persistence, "Session Cookie" option is checked but the cookie is not expiring even after closing the browser.

I had to clear the cookies in browser.

Can someone help me with this?