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Connection re-use on the backend with HTTP/3 virtual server


Hello Group,


I have created a simple setup in order to do an HTTP/3 (on the client side, only) performance testing using F5 BIGIP on AWS.


TG (simulates client, sends HTTP/3 traffic) --> F5 BIG IP (HTTP/3 virtual server) --> Backend (servers are simulated by my TG tool, handling HTTP/1.1 traffic).


In F5 i have an HTTP/3 virtual server (based on UDP, since QUIC protocol is built on top of the UDP)


After capturing several traces, i am noticing that on the backend, where i'm handling HTTP/1.1 traffic, connection re-use is not working (after each GET request the connection closes, and opens up a new one) and therefore i'm really low on performance. I can't enabled OneConnect feature on my HTTP/3 virtual server (this option is not available)


So, regarding my question, is there any way i can enable connection re-use on the backend?


Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks in advance!


Do you have One Connect profile applied under the VIP?


Also check the bug tracker just in case: