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Computer account for kerberos delegation



We actually have an account user for our SSO Kerberos profile and I would like to use computer account instead of user account for security purpose.

But how can I configure my computer account on the kerberos sso profile ? I have to set an password for the account but but we don't know the password with an computer account rigth ?

I don't understant and don't know if it's possible with an computer accountspn_f5.png




Hi @Miguel_1400

I'm not certain that you can use a computer account, in each case that I have deployed this it has been a standard domain user account. I believe it is common practice to use a user type account as service accounts for Kerberos-enabled application authentication. Does the configuration you provided above work today?

Have you reviewed this article about Kerberos SSO for constrained delegation? K43063049: Configuring BIG-IP APM Kerberos SSO constrained delegation for portal access 

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Josh Becigneul