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Citrix ICA file missing some parameters


i have a citrix enviroment setup. to access the citrix enviroment i have 2 options Option 1 is via the Citrix Netscaler and Option 2 is via F5 APM.  both options are working. the only issue is that when i download the ICA file from the F5 and launch it the "display" name of the app is not 100% correct. it displays the server name with some addeded characters. but when i download the ICA from Citrix netscaler  and launch it the display name is correct. 

looking a little bit deeper, i can see some diferences between the 2 ICA files ( netscaler and F5). the thing that stands out is that the F5 ICA file is missing a  line "Title=servername" 

if i manually add this line to the F5 ICA after i download it, and put my desired server name, it diaplays  the correct name.  i have looked at the citrix delivery controller but nothing stands out regarding this nameing thing. if anyone has any ideas please let me know. 


im using F5 version 13.1


You could try to add this to the 'Custom Parameters' section of the 'Remote Desktop' configuration. You can add additional config into this session.

You can add a static parameter:


or do something with session variables:



this is intresting.  i have just tried the asession variable and yes i can see it does change the name of the session, but it changes it to my URL. For my scenario when a user logs in they are presented with 3 citrix  icons on the webtop and all 3 icons go to diffrent servers.  i would like title to be changed to the server hostname or server name that apears on the webtop. ive tried to look at some variable below but i cant see any that help me with that. is there any other resource i can use.