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Can't pass 'Browser Add-On' validation




I've got installed Big IP Client Build/API version: 7113,2018,906,151


As of this week, when I try to 'Connect' to the VPN I am greeted with the following message:


"Installation of browser add-on has failed, or security settings of your browser do not allow browser add-ons.


 Continue without browser add-ons."


When I click on Continue without browser add-ons, I am then prompted to a message "Please update your Anti-virus Definitions as they appear to be out of date. Please update them and re-try and for further assistance please contact the IT Service Desk on XXXXXXXX quoting Error Code 30."


Now, I believe the Anti-Virus message is not relevant as I have updated the definitions as I would normally do. I feel the real issue is the installation of browser add-on that is failing.


If I try to go to my then the browser tries to download a plugin but it won't work either. Not sure what to do while i wait for IT support of my organisation to help out.


Any hint, or anything I could do at my end would be appreciated.