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BIGTCP::release_flow on HTTP virtual server



I have a virtual server standard+http which relies on an HTTP header for persistence. Only the very first HTTP request matter, I do not need HTTP parsing for the rest of the session. Unfortunatly the load is very high on this virtual server and I am looking for performance improvements. I cannot use fastL4+HTTP as the serverside connection is already setup when the first HTTP request comes in. 

I found that BIGTCP::release_flow allows a FIX session to start in L7 mode and transition later to fastL4.

Can this command be used without FIX licence on a plain HTTP VIP ? ideally within an HTTP_REQUEST event.


other suggestions are also welcome




Hi @PMA,

Unfortunately no, You have to acquire a special license when you want to use FIX over a fastl4 profile, Please refer to this guide for more information about FIX, and the features extended by the license.

Have a good day.

that is unfortuante. any other way to perform such a transition outside of the FIX use case ?


maybe with the 'virtual' irule command to switch to a fastL4 virtual server ? Though I don't know if the serverside TCP context would be carried over.