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bigip_pool_member error "\"pool\" unexpected argument"


Usually, the examples straight out of the docs usually work fine. I can create the pool but I can't add members. I am using partitions. Anyone know where to go from here? Here is my playbook excerpt.


    - name: Create a pool       bigip_pool:         state: present         partition: BILLING         provider: "{{ provider }}"         lb_method: ratio-member         name: my-pool         slow_ramp_time: 120       delegate_to: localhost     - name: Add pool member With Options       bigip_pool_member:         pool: my-pool         partition: BILLING         host: ""         port: 80         description: web server         connection_limit: 100         rate_limit: 50         ratio: 2         provider: "{{ provider }}"       delegate_to: localhost


I have the following output.


TASK [Create a pool] ******************************************************************************************************************************* ok: [localhost -> localhost] TASK [Add pool member With Options] **************************************************************************************************************** fatal: [localhost -> localhost]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "\"pool\" unexpected argument"}


My traceback looks like this:

The full traceback is: WARNING: The below traceback may *not* be related to the actual failure.   File "/tmp/ansible_bigip_pool_member_payload_29Ptb5/", line 1651, in main   File "/tmp/ansible_bigip_pool_member_payload_29Ptb5/", line 1086, in exec_module   File "/tmp/ansible_bigip_pool_member_payload_29Ptb5/", line 1166, in execute   File "/tmp/ansible_bigip_pool_member_payload_29Ptb5/", line 1181, in present   File "/tmp/ansible_bigip_pool_member_payload_29Ptb5/", line 1249, in create   File "/tmp/ansible_bigip_pool_member_payload_29Ptb5/", line 1403, in create_on_device fatal: [localhost -> localhost]: FAILED! => {     "changed": false,     "invocation": {         "module_args": {             "address": "",             "aggregate": null,             "availability_requirements": null,             "connection_limit": 100,             "description": "web server",             "fqdn": null,             "fqdn_auto_populate": null,             "host": "",             "ip_encapsulation": null,             "monitors": null,             "name": null,             "partition": "BILLING",             "pool": "my-pool",             "port": 80,             "preserve_node": null,             "priority_group": null,             "provider": {                 "auth_provider": null,                 "password": "VALUE_SPECIFIED_IN_NO_LOG_PARAMETER",                 "server": "",                 "server_port": null,                 "ssh_keyfile": null,                 "timeout": null,                 "transport": "rest",                 "user": "f5admin",                 "validate_certs": false             },             "rate_limit": 50,             "ratio": 2,             "replace_all_with": false,             "reuse_nodes": true,             "state": "present"         }     },     "msg": "\"pool\" unexpected argument" }