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Big IP VS questions


Some basic questions - 1 -When I use the http iApp to configure services I have a host/FQDN address entry. Where is this entry configured when you don't use the iApp?


2 - Can I configure the same destination address for multiple VSs running the same service port? Does the F5 recognize and route based on the host header - as IIS does?


3 - I have some services configured internal and external so I can let the f5 manage traffic from external to internal, no internal NATs. But these configurations are pretty much same configuration except for the destination address. Is it best practice to use the same pool for both configs?



  1. I haven't used iApp. If you can explain the functionality, I may be able to answer.


  2. You cannot have multiple VS that has the same IP:Port combination. You can utilize iRule or Policy in order to load balance based on Host header.


Example: > VS-1 > Pool-domain > VS-1 > Pool-domain-1


In the above cases, VS-1 will send traffic to different pools based on host header and the selection is made using iRule or Policy. iRule is my preference and suggestion as it provides granular control.


3 . If the pool members & the service function are the same for both internal and external service, use same pool. If the pool members or service function are different, use different pools. This is just a guide and it could vary depending on other factors within your environment and function.



had a look through the iApp and don't really see it used except for a health monitor perhaps. it isn't used normally anywhere on a virtual server or pool or such. health monitor is somewhere where you can.