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Azure web app custom domain


Hello dear forum members,

we are using F5 big ip vm connected to

a palo alto vm  both in Azure platform.

we would like to know what are the best practices

regarding configuring app services as pool members.

should the pool members be configured with their

default azure FQDN or with their custom domain FQDN

in the azure platform. 


Hi @thomasevig 

Using the default hostname would probably work fine for most use cases as long as the BIG-IP is tied into the Azure resolver. I'm less clear on the custom domain, would this be a 3rd party DNS service or just a customized domain name?


Hey Josh,

thank you for your reply.

as for the custom name, it's not 

a 3rd party dns service, ti's just 

a customized domain name

hi josh,

so in your opinion you think 

to keep the default hostname

is the best practice? 

Hi @thomasevig 

I can't say for certain for your case what is the best choice. But what I would suggest is that if your organization is going through the effort of using a customized DNS domain name, then it might make sense to use that too. The choice would probably depend somewhat on whether any other applications or services are using the custom domain vs the default domain.

In any case, hope this helps.
-Josh Becigneul