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APM: Show errormessage if AD password change failed



i got a request today to display an errormessage if the password change for an AD account failed.

I thougt this would be default, but somehow there is no info/message shown, just the two texfields for the new password and the verification are cleared.

In the apm-log shows up a message "AD module: change password for 'asdf' failed: Password change rejected(4), result_string: (4)"

How can i display an info like "sorry, your password couldnt be changed because it is to short/weak, please use at least 512 characters, a primenumber and the blood from an virgin goat"

Best regard


I do not know where you can find virgin goats as I think there are none left and I have not tested the solution for your issue but have seen article


See here the available session variables for the AD/LDAP:


Maybe you can use and after that to trigger te message box agent wit your messege for the user by first creating a branch that checks the session variable. It is worth trying.