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APM Access Guided Configuration with VIP in different partion

I am trying to use the Guided Configuration to create SAML Service Provider. However ths is can only be run from the Common partition whereas the VIP required has to be on a different parition for security reasons. I have tried to configure this manually but running in to problems and all online guides point to the guided configuration. Is there a way around this partition restriction while using the guided configuration?

I am trying to deploy Big IP APM to perform SAML authentication through Azure. We have the Metadata file but would like to use the Guided configuration to complete the deploy. 


Never tried that myself, so I can only provide the below output 🙂


You can try to copy the autogenerated irules, APM policies, per req policies ,  LXirules etc. on the VS that is generated by the APM guided configuration.


Outside of that keep in mind if the partition is using a different route domain:


HI @southern_shredd ,,

I just tried running the Guided configuration in APM Access section after chagning the partion from Common to other partition and geting this error as you told:



I chnage the partition back to Common from the drop down list and can see its the ony way:







Best Regards,


Sachin Garg



@F5_Design_Engineer - thanks for the extra effort on the screen caps and all.
@southern_shredd - - If your post was solved it would be helpful to the community to select *Accept As Solution* (on either or both replies)