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As we highlight security on DevCentral this month, we wanted to pose a fun security challenge to exercise those brain cells a little bit.  Our first challenge focused on decrypting a secret message.  Our second and final challenge requires you to search for clues around the Internet and find/calculate a secret value.  

Here's the starting point:  In F5's newly-published 2016 TLS Telemetry Report, a list is shown of websites that have adopted OCSP Stapling and HSTS.  Also found in the TLS Telemetry Report is the number of craft beers drunk during the writing of the TLS Telemetry Report.  

Visit the first site in the list of sites that have adopted both OCSP Stapling and HSTS.  When at the homepage of that site, type in the number of craft beers drunk during the writing of the TLS Telemetry Report.  On that resulting page, you'll find (on the right side of the page) a reference to the Assyrian Calendar and you'll find a number written next to that reference.  Make note of that number (I'll call it "x" but you call it whatever you want).  

The challenge today is calculate the sum of all odd numbers between 0 and "x".  

My challenge to you is to utilize a programming language (like JavaScript) to write a script that calculates the value of the sum.  Of course, you could do it all by hand, but what's the fun in that? 

When you figure it all out and you're ready to share your solution with the community, click on this link and share your results in our Q&A area:





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