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Community Manager
Community Manager

In this lightboard lesson, I show how you can move from the manual work of traditional app deployments to the automated goodness of zero touch app deployments!

This demo solution was shown in a Hashicorp webinar featuring our own Eric Chen, and utilizes Hashicorp's Terraform and Consul applications, as well as the AS3 component of the F5 Automation Toolchain.





First I always enjoy your Lightboard Lessons!


Even before CVE-2020-5902 exposing mgmt to the Internet was a bad idea. It's much here I don't understand.

OK, so it's only a DEMO to show case the products. Still I think it would just be a small bump in the road to

include the VPN access in the Terraform setup. AWS provides OpenVPN - that would secure

access(encrypt and reduce exposure) to any MGMT service. It would add more cost for sure - still I think

it would be worth it.

With Route domains added that would enable one to seperate Service and MGMT traffic. It would still be

a one interface service - since you can't really remove the dedicated MGMT interface .


My $0.05 cents.

Runo Førrisdahl

F5 Employee
F5 Employee

 a good suggestion on how to improve the demo. Thank you for your feedback.

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