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In this episode we provide some instructions on developing iApp templates for use on iWorkflow. In the early versions of iWorkflow (before v2.1.0), the platform inherited its iApp templates from BIG-IP devices. By popular demand, this is no longer a requirement, and iApp templates can be installed directly onto your iWorkflow platform.

With this came a few new features that we need to share with you, especially the iApp versioning. Many customers requested iApp versioning so they could track iApp functionality as they evolved their architecture. Without versioning, this is a bit of a nightmare! 

Watch this video to understand:

  • How to version your iApps.
  • How to specify which BIG-IP versions your iApp supports (minimum/maximum/unsupported)
  • The Application Tier settings 



Links references in this video:

Versioning iApps:

Specifying BIG-IP versions supported by your iApp:

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