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Community Manager
Community Manager

Sad, I know.  But I had Shakespeare on the brain this morning, and whereas I’m pretty sure he’ll roll over in his grave at me identifying with him in the same blog post as what’s below, well, I figured I’d tap into my (not so) creative side.

An Homage to LTM

Gather my packets, LTM
And give to all comprising flows
Careful analysis on which to
Accept or deny my humble requests.

The lower layers thou swiftly removes,
The heart of my request reveals
A simple GET or two or fifty.
Carest thou doesn't; an effortless task.

Wherest shall thou dispatch my requests?
Is thy Master's TCL'd iRules logic sound?
HTTP_REQUEST doctors my solicitation and
Relinquishes its firm grip--sweet release!

Alright, DevCentralites…flame away!

Historic F5 Account
Flame? Are you kidding? That was epic! Retweet incoming...
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