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AMA - DevCentral Platform Updates

Published on ‎24-Jan-2022 15:55 by Community Manager | Updated on ‎24-Jan-2022 23:45

Hi, my name is Lief and I am a community manager at DevCentral. We launched a new platform here recently.
Ask Me Anything.

(If we get enough participation I'll put up a zoom to save on typing time.)

Event has ended
You can no longer attend this event.

Fri, Feb 18, 2022 08:00 PST
Fri, Feb 18, 2022 09:30 PST
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Community Manager
  • Sorry about the glut of emails to those of you not in the live event - we are still discovering things about our new home.

What was THAT sound‽          Does anybody else smell gas‽!

  •  I'll close out the event with one more that includes some of what we learned.
    • LiefZimmerman_0-1645205846522.pngThere are many options available for customizing your DevCentral Notifications under
      My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications > Notification Settings

      I will be looking for doing the same from the EVENT OWNER perspective in the future.
    • We learned that the Event is not editable after it has begun (without clever Administrator intervention)
    • @buulam - proved that one can use a 3D camera in a zoom session.
    • @PSilva - found a 1957(?) silver dime worth about $3 USD.
    • @LiefZimmerman - has a havanese dog that barks one time ~ every 30 seconds...just because.

Until next time - thank YOU for being part of our community.


Community Manager

Starting up a Zoom session - come ask me/us anything.

Meeting ID: 996 1388 1036
Passcode: 245245245
Community Manager

What am I doing if not answering questions? Catching up on a YT Trailer for StarWars The Old Republic. that's what. 😂

Those are so satisfying to watch that I feel like I don't need to play the games!

@buulam /

Totally agree - but I do want to watch the movie now!

Community Manager

Now is the time to ask all the tough questions!!

@buulam /
Community Manager

I'm here one way or the other...making the best of it. 



Community Manager


ready to go in 15 minutes.