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Community Manager
Community Manager

Once again, @buulam is headed to BlackHat in Las Vegas!

He's super-excited to hit the ground in the desert to meet up with the community and some F5 partners! He'll be bringing the experience back to you, right here, so bookmark this article for all the latest news!

Find the F5 Booth at Black Hat:

Looking for the F5 Booth? Here it is! Check out the prize vending machine, Lego give aways, and the new Frankenstack plushies. 🎁

If you're at the show, keep your peepers peeled 👀 for @buulam who would love to say "hi!"


A talk with Kara Sprague, Chief Product Officer at F5

Buu Lam talks with F5 Chief Product Officer Kara Sprague about F5 solutions, particularly around APIs and Multi-Cloud Networking, and what's in store for the future.

  • 00:30 - What does the role of Chief Product Officer entail?
  • 01:30 - Why API security has suddenly become so important in recent years?
  • 03:40 - The exponential increase in API sprawl.
  • 04:11 - Multi-Cloud Networking growth as a use case.
  • 05:45 - F5 being able to deliver security embedded within Multi-Cloud networking architecture.
  • 06:30 - What does the future hold for F5?


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