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Community Manager
Community Manager

Tip of the week:

Head over to the Events tab to learn about or share information about free F5 technical learning events.

If you know of any F5-centric events happening in your area, feel free to list them here - whether they are labs, webinars, F5 user group meetings, or any other kind of free technical learning event! Please post in whatever language the event will be held in; for example, if the event is held in German, make the post in German. We're an international community, and I'd love for us to share this kind of technically enabling information with each other. 



AskF5 (and many other resources) moving to MyF5 


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh - the new guy on the scene...You must have like 28 hours in your days! Thanks!
Cheers also to the ever present machine @Nikoolayy1 and the always venerable @Daniel_Wolf.
You all make community sing.

Thanks @LiefZimmerman ,

I hoped to have 28 hours a day !😂

I love to practice F5 much whether learning or helping or working , the most solution to my heart, I value it and its role as well.

So I am happy to be here .

Thanks again @LiefZimmerman , @Leslie_Hubertus for appreciation. 🙏

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