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Ask the audience what topic areas they'd like to see discussed in the future (doesn't have to be F5 related).

-- Director of Community Development

I think that @LiefZimmerman brought up an interesting topic recently - home tech security. All the internet of useless things we have at home - What to do with them? How to secure them? Will my coffeemachine become part of a botnet, because I cannot update the webserver running on it?

Discussed this today... I love the idea. Most technologists have home labs to varying degrees and we all learn from them. A couple months ago I finally spun up pi-hole and have far more visibility.

@buulam / YouTube.com/DevCentral

Legacy Employee
Legacy Employee

How about bringing on the current Featured Member for that month??


Community Manager
Community Manager

Related to DeepFakes - Neural Radiance Fields (next-generation 3D scanning technology is going to be the next big thing in image capture/CGI...and probably DeepFakes.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YX5AoaWrowY

Oh wow this is crazy. The rendering kinda looks like the fish eye videos my old GoPro produced. So realistic!