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Dec 04, 2023

AS3 Foundations: Migrating and Deploying Applications in VSCode

I joined in on the fun at several stops on the F5 Academy BIG-IP Next roadshow tour this fall, and in talking to customers, everyone is at various stages of their F5 automation journey, and some aren't automating at all yet. I'm kicking off a six-part series to set some foundational understanding of what AS3 is, how it works, what tools you might use to interact with it, and we'll finish it off with some best practices. If you want to learn or if you want to share your own experience with the class, join me over the next three weeks to finish 2023 in style!

Episode Four - Dec 14th @ 10AM PST

  • Installing VSCode
  • Install the F5 extension for VSCode
  • Install the ACC extension for VSCode
  • Installing AS3
  • Adding and connecting to a BIG-IP
  • Use config explorer to explore the existing configuration
  • Select a few apps and review the diagnostics
  • Use ACC to convert a few different types of applications
  • Deploy these apps

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