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Check a Virtual Server's SSL Status

Code is community submitted, community supported, and recognized as ‘Use At Your Own Risk’. Short Description A question was asked on how you filter which virtuals might have clientside/serverside profiles, or ssl without profiles as passthrough. The...

JRahm by Community Manager
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Logging DNS Requests

Code is community submitted, community supported, and recognized as ‘Use At Your Own Risk’. Short Description (From Author @Torijori_Yamamada this post in Technical Forum) I've needed an iRule to read query & query-type from dns packets and send them...

JRahm by Community Manager
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3D printed coaster with the F5 logo

Howdy! I made a coaster this summer and promised I'd share the code. Well, here it is! Import it to your favorite 3D modeling programChange if you wishExport to your slicerSlice it so you can change c...

f5logo.jpeg f5logo_2.jpeg

F5 LTM HA pair upgrade Automation using Python

Code is community submitted, community supported, and recognized as ‘Use At Your Own Risk’.Short DescriptionPerform autonomous F5 LTM upgrades with pythonUsing a single python script to Automate F5 LTM's deployed as a High Available PairProblem solve...

Anesh by Cirrostratus
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Certificate Expiry Email alert configuration

Here are steps to receive certificate expiry email alertStep 1.update /config/ user_alert.conf directory with alert CERTIFICATE_EXPIRED "Certificate (.*) expired" {snmptrap OID=".";email toaddress=""fromaddress...

How much bandwidth are we using?

How to determine how much bandwidth your BIG-IP is actually using? Future licensing has a 200Mbps licensing limitation divided across TMM's (K15831) and we need to know if the current usage is greater than this. We are running BIGIP version 12.1.2. S...

Decrypting TLS with the tcpdump sslprovider

I will share my script to decrypt TLS on the F5 v15+. You do not need to change any TLS oder cipher settings, have access to private keys or add special iRules. It should work out of the box with all TLS versions.It uses the information that the tcpd...

What is the Lightning Network?

When I'm thinking of up and coming technologies in terms of how they'd fit into my everyday life, I often forget that there are things I assume for myself that aren't nessecarily true for others. One of these things is the ease at which I can transa...

buulam by Community Manager
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Arabic Blackboard F5 series

This is my first post in DevCentral, Arabic video series for F5 technical information, knowledge,  experiences to support Arabia speakers getting knowledge about F5 technology.[ Introduction about F5 company ]

What's Your Mission?

Hey there, community. Who has two thumbs and is overwhelmed at the tremendous opportunities to learn in this modern world? THIS GUY. I love learning, and I need to learn. I get unsettled and irritable when I get complacent. But there's a downside to...

JRahm by Community Manager
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Knowledge sharing: F5 Software Upgrade/RMA process

Here is quick summary about things should be checked before an F5 upgrade. This is the general F5 support article with clips and there is nice info for VIPRION and VCMP systems:

ASN Details

Code is community submitted, community supported, and recognized as ‘Use At Your Own Risk’. Short Description This script adds a cli tool (in python) to quickly look up autonomous systems by number or name. Problem solved by this Code Snippet Not a p...

JRahm by Community Manager
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Spring4shell iApp

Code is community submitted, community supported, and recognized as ‘Use At Your Own Risk’. Short Description iApp to simplify deployment of spring4shell  Problem solved by this Code Snippet My friend and colleague Ismael wrote a useful iRule to miti...

PeteWhite_0-1651762585719.png GettyImages-1173218079.jpg

iRule to serve security.txt file - RFC 9116

One week ago, on 27. April 2022, the IETF has published RFC 9116 describing the security.txt file. The purpose of this file is to aid in responsible disclosure, a process that allows security researchers to safely report vulnerabilities. The file sh...

Demystifying Time-based OTP

This article is written as an extensive explanation of how a Time-based OTP algorithm works and some guidelines on how to implement this in your F5. What is a TOTP? TOTP (aka Time-based OTP) is a way to use a code that is changing every 30 seconds in...


iRule to assist with CVE-2022-22965 mitigation

Hi there, On March 30, 2022, a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability was found in the Java Spring Framework, identified by the CVE 2022-22965. I am sharing an example iRule to assist with mitigation of this CVE. This may require further customiz...

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