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Problem this snippet solves:

This script was designed in order to enhance the existing APM section of the BIG-IP Configuration UI. It was originally written for v11.5.1, but should work for many earlier and later versions as well.

  • Adds a link on the Manage Sessions page for each session that will display the APM logs and Session Variables reports in a new window0151T000003d9ETQAY.png 0151T000003d9EUQAY.png

  • Adds an Apply button on the Access Profiles page for any profile whose changes have not yet been applied 0151T000003d9EVQAY.png

The latest version of this codeshare can be found on Github at the link below.

I have another script like that designed to help with the LTM sections of the BIG-IP Configuration UI, and this was pulled out of that in order to allow for modular enhancement.

Known Issues
  • If you're on a slow connection, clicking the show button to open the session variables may not bring up the tab. If this happens, either try again, or refresh the page after it opens and that should help. This is due to the way I had to get the session variable to open.

Version History
  • v1.0 - Initial version with Manage Sessions link to Session Variables report and Access Profiles apply button for policies that need to be applied.

Inspiration Credit: Patrik Jonsson's Web UI Tweaks codeshare

How to use this snippet:


  • The Tampermonkey Chrome extension needs to be installed for this script to work
  • Once installed, click on the Tampermonkey icon and click Dashboard
    • Click the new script button and set the Update URL field to
    • You can also copy the whole document linked below into a new Tampermonkey script and save it
    • Click Save and then click the value in the Last Updated column for that new row. This should update the script

Security note: In case you would not want to have the script automatically update when a new version is released, you can remove the @updateUrl line. Another option would be to fork the Github repository and then use your own copy of it.

Code :

Tested this on version:

Version history
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‎28-Jul-2016 07:11
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