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Problem this snippet solves:

This is an iApp that collects some information from the user with the intent of keeping the members of a GTM or LTM pool object synchronized against the result of a DNS lookup. Users provide:

  1. name of the pool
  2. type: gtm or ltm
  3. if gtm, what datacenter it should be in
  4. what nameserver to query
  5. how often to query
  6. what hostnames to lookup
  7. what port to use when creating the pool members

This creates a periodic handler that runs at the specified interval, using the results of "dig" against the specified nameserver for the hostnames to create/modify the specified pool.

Note: For the sake of keeping the demo simple, the script doesn't handle error/empty/timeout responses from the nameserver.

How to use this snippet:

Implementation Details

This iCall script requires v11.4 or higher.

Version history
Last update:
‎09-Mar-2015 15:45
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