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Short Description

This iRule is an update to the original by Colin Walker. It takes source IPs and does a geolocation lookup on them and if within a US State, adds that as a counter against that state in the session table memory. A request to /heatmap on the applicable virtual server will display a US map with request counts from each state utilizing Google's GeoCharts.

Problem solved by this Code Snippet

This is not solving a problem, but is providing enhanced view of data traversing the BIG-IP.

How to use this Code Snippet

  1. Apply the iRule to your application's virtual server
  2. To view the map, use the URI /heatmap
  3. To clear the data from memory, use the URI /resetmap

Code Snippet Meta Information

  1. Version: Tested on TMOS version 16.1.3, but should work as is on any version 12.1.x forward.
  2. Coding Language: iRules, HTML, and Javascript.

Full Code Snippet

Code is accessible in this gist on GitHub.

Version history
Last update:
‎18-Nov-2022 13:37
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