Wow, you have grown!

Do you still remember, with horror, when people used to say this kind of thing to you when you were a child? I do. And whenever I heard these words, I always wanted to take just take off. Nowadays, working for large enterprises, when I hear these words it’s generally in relation to how the company is progressing. In today’s economic environment, that’s a pretty good thing to hear.

At F5, we’ve grown a lot since we went public in 1996. Mostly organically, and mostly despite the environment. Our employee numbers as well as revenues. I am particularly proud that we have so many people in the company that have been around for more than five years and that we can benefit from the enormous wealth of knowledge that this kind of experience brings the company.

At the same time, with our growth meaning we look to hire new people constantly, we get the injection of creativity and enthusiasm that newcomers bring.

Growth is a theme that, amongst our customers and prospects, is omnipresent. In IT terms, this means the ability to scale, to provide good value, to grow as the company grows. To be more than a point product. Validation for F5 can be found in Gartner’s new Application Delivery Controller Magic Quadrant for 2012.

In this context, I couldn’t be happier to hear that we’re growing.

Published Nov 19, 2012
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