WhiteBoard Wednesday: SSL Renegotiation

We all know that a client and a server have to negotiate a connection before they can talk securely via HTTPS.  But, did you know that, in some cases, that same client and server will need to "renegotiate" their secure connection while they are still talking securely?  In this video, John talks about SSL renegotiation and covers a new feature in the BIG-IP that helps protect web servers from potential asymmetric DoS attacks.  Enjoy!




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Published Sep 30, 2015
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  • Hi, just noticed a small mistake; "bad guy" client sends Client Hellos not Server Hellos.
  • @Rav1G: you are exactly right. Thanks for the catch on this. I should have said "Client Hello" instead of "Server Hello" at the 3:42 mark. Thanks again for the great catch on this!