The DevCentral Chronicles July Edition 1(7)

July is my favorite month due to it being both the middle of summer and I was born in July. This month I’ll drip of perspiration and celebrate another twist in the odometer of life. It’s also time for our monthly Chronicles where we keep you updated on DevCentral happenings and highlight some of the cool content you may have missed since the last issue. You can always catch up with the links at the bottom. Welcome!

With #F5Agility18 right around the corner August 13-16, 2018, let’s kick off this edition with John Wagnon‘s Capture The Flag at Agility 2018. Happening Tuesday night Aug 14, block your calendar for our #Geekfest event, Hack to the Future! This year, for the first time ever during our Agility conference, we will host a Capture The Flag game.  The game is designed for eight teams (4 people per team) to compete against one another to see who can capture the most flags, earn the most virtual money, and keep their web application safe from attack.  The teams will be chosen prior to the event, so if you want to be included in one of the teams, make sure you reach out to your SE and get the invitation.  DevCentral MVP’s Kai, Stan, Leonardo & Nathan with Bart as Pit Boss will also participate. The entire evening will be themed with tons of cool 80s stuff related to the classic movie series.

Next, we’d like to recognize F5 Systems Engineer, Steve Lyons for his prowess over the last month. First, Steve is one of our most engaged SE’s amplifying our social channel at every tweet; he published three, in-depth articles Configuring the BIG-IP as an SSH Jump Server using Smart Card Authentication and WebSSH Client, Configuring Certificate Based Authentication and Kerberos Constrained Delegation in F5 Access Policy Manager (APM) and Configuring Endpoint Security (Client-Side) Using F5 Access Policy Manager (APM); in addition to answering 5 questions from members. He’s highly active and has the technical know-how to help. Follow Steve @SteveLyonsF5

Jason Rahm and his infinite knowledge continued his python series with Getting started with the python SDK part 5: request parameters revisited and also replied to a twitter question from @CISCO_World with a full article about Duplicating BIG-IP Objects about how to copy a virtual server.

For the developer crowd, ENE Satoshi Toyosawa added his iControl REST Cookbook - Virtual Server Profile (LTM Virtual Profiles). For cloud folks, Chase Abbott shows off Application Auto Scaling Through BIG-IP Cloud Edition and for security, John lit up Introducing F5 DataSafe in his #LightboardLesson.

And in closing, Rhazi Youssef from e-xpert Solutions is our Featured Member for July and is the third engineer we've featured from e-Xpert Solutions SA.

We look forward to seeing you in Boston for Agility and as always, you can stay engaged with @DevCentral by following us on Twitter, joining our new LinkedIn Showcase page or subscribing to our YouTube Channel. Look forward to hearing about your BIG-IP adventures.

The Chronicles:

Published Jul 18, 2018
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