The Critical Need for Diameter Management Solutions - More than Ever

The Critical Need for Diameter Solutions – Why More Now than Ever Before

The mass market penetration of smart phones has skyrocketed the use of mobile data. Mobile applications create many signaling transactions in operators’ networks, sometimes hundreds of messages per session, per subscriber, and each application has specific signaling behavior patterns. This massive signaling growth creates major network management, reliability and scalability issues for operators and needs to be handled properly.

The move to an all-IP network significantly increases the amount of signaling. Although the move from circuit-switch to packet-switch will bring many other advantages, it generates tons more data traffic, and data is one of the major forces behind growth in signaling. Operators need to confront the blitz of signaling from a multitude of fronts never seen before and must be managed before damage is caused to their networks. 

Just the addition of 4G network elements to support advanced services and higher broadband capacity causes unprecedented network growth and fragmentation that ultimately leads to poor network operation. However, 4G networks can maintain high quality, top performance service despite the many potential pitfalls if network engineers place a renewed emphasis on the control plane with Diameter signaling solutions. Significant revenues will be generated to those operators who understand the critical need for innovative signaling solutions to support both network and business strategies. Diameter signaling solutions have transformed to become the enabler in launching reliable, top performing services to unlimited subscribers.

However with the unparalleled growth in signaling, new signaling trends, and the need to handle signaling in completely different ways than in the past, operators need constant and finer-grained management and control of their signaling traffic to ensure reliability and resiliency in their networks.

It's critical for operators to manage their Diameter signaling closely with the right Diameter solutions to succeed in today’s new exciting era of communications. 


Published Jan 03, 2013
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