SiteMinder and APM iApp from SecureAuth

I have finally gotten the iApp from SecureAuth up on DevCentral.  If you are curious it can be downloaded from here:

We have had a lot of our joint customers clamoring for a solution that combines the universal access capabilities of BIG-IP APM with the Authorization capability of SiteMinder.  One of the major challenges that customers frequently identify in deploying SiteMinder is that Agents have to be deployed on each web server.This runs contrary to many of the benefits of the F5 ADC being  a key point of control and service delivery.  The SecureAuth iApp and iRule integration with F5 APM seamlessly integrates the AuthN and AuthZ functionality into a single pane of glass. The SecureAuth IDP server queries the SiteMinder Policy server to verify is access to a specific web page is allowed and if not delivers an iFile to the enduser preventing access to the site.  I would encourage you to download and review the iApp and iRule and please contact me with any questions.

Published May 28, 2013
Version 1.0

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