Security Sidebar Livestream!

I've been writing a "Security Sidebar" series for a few years now, and I've tackled a variety of security-related topics over the course of that series. I'll continue to write more articles for that series, but I want to let everyone know that I'm starting a new "Security Sidebar" livestream show starting Thursday, June 11. Following in the tradition of our new DevCentral Connects show, I will livestream to the DevCentral YouTube channel, the F5 Networks Facebook group, and the DevCentral LinkedIn page.

The livestream will be very interactive, so I'll be looking at all the chat and comments from all of the platforms listed above. I'll have a topic for each show, but I'll devote a good portion of time to interact with you, the community! Our DevCentral Connects show is dedicated to a wide variety of F5 topics, but the Security Sidebar will be focused solely on security topics.

Some of the early shows will focus on security basics, but we will progress from there and dive into some more advanced topics along the way. In addition, we will look at current events that affect security topics, and I might even throw in some real stories from our F5 Silverline Security Operations Center along the way as well. I'm excited to start this journey with you all, so please join me on Thursday, June 11 @ 12:30 pm Pacific Time!

Published Jun 10, 2020
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