Safeguard your Apps and APIs using NGINX App Protect WAF 5.0

Discover the latest features of NGINX App Protect 5.X and learn how it can secure your applications and APIs by checking out this article and demo video.

Today’s dynamic business landscape requires organizations to run applications across various platforms, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. This has increased the demand for robust security solutions to effectively shield these applications from potential threats. The recent introduction of F5 NGINX App Protect version 5.0 in March 2024 addresses this need by presenting a unified, containerized security solution. This update aims to reduce the attack surface by minimizing dependencies and effectively decreasing vulnerability exposure.  

NGINX App Protect version 5.0 will not replace version 4.x. Instead, both versions will be maintained to meet various deployment needs. Version 4.x will continue as a packaged and updated product, while version 5.0 and later will be offered as containers compatible with Docker and Kubernetes. 

What is new in version 5.X? 

NGINX App Protect version 5.0 now includes support for NGINX OSS, which means that users can now access advanced security features without needing to transition to NGINX Plus. This update allows users to enhance the security of their applications while continuing to utilize NGINX OSS, offering flexibility and improved protection against potential threats. This advancement streamlines security configurations, resulting in time savings and reduced total cost of ownership, providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution. 

Our advanced container solution revolutionizes the process by eliminating the need to create a new containerized image for each signature update. This encompasses many threats, including attacks, malicious bots, APIs, and threat campaigns. Consequently, security operations are streamlined, compatibility with underlying operating systems is improved, and development cycles are enhanced. This gives DevOps teams the valuable opportunity to focus on other critical project elements, refining their workflow and overall efficiency. 

An exciting enhancement in the NGINX App Protect version 5.0 is the introduction of a distinct control plane. This upgrade means that policies are consolidated for easier management, supported by a dedicated compiler available for the SecOps team. This configuration empowers the team to swiftly and effectively modify and update policies, ensuring a more seamless and efficient data plane well-equipped to tackle any incoming challenges. 

NGINX App Protect version 5.0 is engineered to deliver exceptional performance in cloud and hybrid deployments. Its scalable architecture accommodates both small and large-scale deployments, and its seamless integration with existing DevOps and SecOps workflows streamlines implementation.


This video will demonstrate how to install NGINX App Protect WAF 5.x and compile a new policy using the NGINX WAF compiler to secure your applications.



NGINX App Protect version 5.0 is a modern WAF designed with a modern architecture that is well-suited for contemporary application environments. This WAF enables DevOps teams to optimize their operations by effortlessly adopting container-ready formats, eliminating the requirement to manually create containerized images for each release and signature update. This streamlines the deployment process and enhances overall operational efficiency. 

To learn more about version 5.x release visit the latest blog, A Containerized WAF to Secure Apps and APIs.

To get started, please visit our documentation page.

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Updated Jul 01, 2024
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