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Consumers, like fate, are the fickle mistresses of the service provider world. When the multitude of applications they increasingly use on their mobile devices perform poorly, they often blame the network provider irrespective of the real cause. Mobile network operators are stuck between a rock (the consumer) and a hard place (the application provider) trying to satisfy both.

F5 recognizes how difficult it can be to not just identify the source of poorly performing applications, but do something about it while simultaneously securing and making reliable those same applications and the networks over which they are delivered.

F5 Synthesis addresses core challenges with mobile application delivery with an architectural framework designed to enable mobile network operators to rapidly provision and manage the services they need to optimize, secure and monetize their networks. Our newly announced F5 Synthesis 1.5 includes a number of mobile-focused capabilities and enhancements including new mobile TCP optimizations, support for MPTCP, response steering and Dynamic Service Chaining. Additionally, we announced a modern version of our control plane API - iControl REST - that simplifies integration with cloud management platforms and orchestration systems.  

Whether enabling a transitory approach to deploying NFV-enabled networks or simply taking advantage of programmability in the data, control and management planes to create new and differentiated services, F5 Synthesis offers mobile network operators a modern, high performance and manageable solution for satisfying consumer's insatiable demand for fast applications while ensuring the security of their networks.

If you're roaming around at Mobile World Congress, you'll want to visit F5 at Booth 5G11 (Hall 5) and learn how to capitalize on the changing mobile landscape, transition to an application-driven service delivery model, or learn more about F5 Traffix SDC, nominated this year for Best Mobile Infrastructure at the show.

We'll also have a variety of essential demos at the booth you won't want to miss:

  1. Essential Demo: Video optimization on @Skyfire platform at F5's booth 5G11 (Hall 5)
  2. Essential Demo: BIG-IP PEM virtual orchestration at F5's booth 5G11 (Hall 5)
  3. Essential Demo: Global Mobile Best Mobile Infrastructure Nominee F5 Traffix SDC at booth 5G11 (Hall 5)
  4. Essential Demo: TCP Optimization at F5's booth 5G11 (Hall 5)

If you're not attending the show, you can follow the activities and observations on Twitter #MWC14 or follow along with F5.

Published Feb 20, 2014
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