Programmability Month: "The More You Code" PSAs

Jumping in the wayback machine to my childhood, NBC had these public service announcements, or PSAs, on a range of subjects, delivered by their on-air talent. The series was branded “The More You Know.” One of their flagship comedies “The Office” then turned this into their mockumentary style, riffing on jelly beans, bears, and meteor attacks, among others. This of course spawned the idea of “The More You Code,” a series of PSAs from the DevCentral team about programming in support of programmability month, to you, our favorite community. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed filming them!


John offers up some solid advice on who can and can't program.

Joe Pruitt

Jason talks about "the" Joe Pruitt, the man, the myth, the LEGEND.

Logging (Part 1)

Brent talks about the perils of logging.


Jason waxes nostalgic on the benefits of regular expressions...but not at wire speed.


John discusses the scenarios in which you might use a switch or data-group vs an if-else chain.

Logging (Part 2)

John considers an alternative angle to logging.

Variables (Part 1)

Jason covers the "benefits" of global variables.


Brent addresses the good, the bad, and the ugly of dynamically typed data.

Variables (Part 2)

Jason and John trade positions on when and when not to use variables.


Jason recommends some best practices for commenting your code, while John offers some slightly less helpful advice.

Published Jun 21, 2016
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