Oracle Endeca with F5 BIG-IP LTM

Am in the middle of working on a cool project with the Oracle E-Business Suite dev team at Oracle, to add Endeca to an existing EBS 12 environment.  The EBS and Endeca teams are working with F5 to provide High Availability, Application Monitoring, and Load Balancing to the Endeca platform servers.  For more information on Endeca, check it out here:

There are 2 "tiers" of servers in an Endeca deployment, the Studio Servers, and the Endeca Servers themselves.  As both of these tiers communicate to users and each other with HTTP, this is perfect for F5 LTM.  We can monitor, load balancing, and do things like SSL offload for these servers.  We will also trying using compression and caching between the Studio servers and the user's browser, to see if we can optimize the delivery of HTTP content.

You can see an example of a typical HA Endeca environment in the Endeca Administrative Guide.

After we finish some more testing over the next few months, we will be releasing a deployment guide will all the Best Practices that we have uncovered, and share them with everyone.  In the meanitme, if you need F5 with Endeca, you can contact us here.


 Update for September, 2013.  We have finished the testing, and have an F5 Deployment Guide for Oracle Endeca using LTM.  You can find it here:




Published Mar 28, 2013
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