Mobile User Access Anywhere, Dynamic Security Everywhere

Mobile user access is everywhere today; smartphones and tablets are challenging laptops for pole position as the ‘go-to’ mobile device of choice. But applying security across different devices (from a multiple number of vendors) running different platforms is becoming increasingly difficult. So there is a need for dynamic policy enforcement to govern the way we now lock down data and applications.

If a user logs in to the corporate data centre from a compromised laptop harbouring rootkits, keyloggers or other forms of malware, then they themselves become as much of a risk as a hacker with direct access to the corporate data centre.

BYOD(R) – Bring Your Own Device (Risk)

This scenario recurs frequently when employees use their own, untrusted, devices that have not been properly provisioned for corporate remote access by a professional systems administrator or IT support function.  It’s here that the ability to apply context becomes a boon for effective security. The F5 platform is capable of setting the required level of access for any user, in any use case scenario, with any level of privileges - in a highly automated fashion. Each use case is analysed and appropriate policy controls are set.

If you were in any doubt as to the significance of this technology stream, consider the fact that the mobile workforce is expected to increase to 1.2 billion in 2013 - a figure that will represent 34.9 per cent of the worldwide workforce.

Every device, operating system, application and location
Being able to apply security in a dynamic, context-aware way means that suddenly you no longer need to manage ten different access points for all the firm’s devices in every possible use case. Your system knows what actions to take for each device, on each operating system, with each different application in each different location that the device is used in.

This technology’s intelligence extends geographically too.  If for example a user happens to be located in Singapore rather their normal London base, then they can be served with a secure application connection from a local data centre. Security is always the central concern, but usability comes along immediately afterwards.

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Published Apr 12, 2012
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