Me Caveman, Need Picture: BigIP Config Visualizer

Every now and then someone pushes out a utility that just makes you yell "YES, that's exactly what I never knew I always wanted."  BCV, or BigIP Config Visualizer, is one of those utilities.  You supply a bigip.conf file, and BCV presents you with an image file for every virtual server defined in the config.  Your images can be exported in jpg, png, or svg format.  Exporting via svg gives you the ability to open (and edit) the image in Visio, which is pretty handy.  Here's a snapshot of a lab vip:

F5er Micheal Thompson cranked this out in a weekend and is releasing it to the DevCentral community for further work.  So, community, tip your hats to Micheal and see what amazing things you can do to expand this excellent contribution.

Published Jan 21, 2009
Version 1.0

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