Lightboard Lessons: Zero Touch Application Deployments with Terraform, Consul, and AS3

In this lightboard lesson, I show how you can move from the manual work of traditional app deployments to the automated goodness of zero touch app deployments!

This demo solution was shown in a Hashicorp webinar featuring our own Eric Chen, and utilizes Hashicorp's Terraform and Consul applications, as well as the AS3 component of the F5 Automation Toolchain.


Published Nov 11, 2020
Version 1.0

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    First I always enjoy your Lightboard Lessons!


    Even before CVE-2020-5902 exposing mgmt to the Internet was a bad idea. It's much here I don't understand.

    OK, so it's only a DEMO to show case the products. Still I think it would just be a small bump in the road to

    include the VPN access in the Terraform setup. AWS provides OpenVPN - that would secure

    access(encrypt and reduce exposure) to any MGMT service. It would add more cost for sure - still I think

    it would be worth it.

    With Route domains added that would enable one to seperate Service and MGMT traffic. It would still be

    a one interface service - since you can't really remove the dedicated MGMT interface .


    My $0.05 cents.

    Runo Førrisdahl

  •  a good suggestion on how to improve the demo. Thank you for your feedback.