Lightboard Lessons: What is Phishing and how can I guard against it?

Phishing has been around for years, but it is still a very relevant and dangerous attack. These attacks are a major source of profit for cyber criminals, and they can be very difficult to defend. So, why is there so much phishing still going on? The reason is simple: it’s easy and it works. Attackers don’t have to worry about hacking through a firewall, finding a zero-day exploit, deciphering encryption, etc. The hardest part of these attacks is creating a good email to get people to click on, and a fake website for the victims to land on. In this video, we explore the details of phishing and also talk about how you can defend yourself (or your organization) against these attacks.


F5 Labs Phishing and Fraud Report  (Note: it's a safe link to click on...I promise!!)





Published Dec 16, 2019
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