Lightboard Lessons: Intro to VIPRION

The F5 BIG-IP platform has tremendous flexibility, offering virtual editions and a line of appliances and chassis. In this episode of Lightboard Lessons, we’ll introduce the chassis platform, which we call VIPRION.

What else would you like us to cover on the VIPRION? Drop a comment below and we’ll consider for a future episode!

Published May 24, 2017
Version 1.0

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  • Hi,


    Nice article, but a bit basic :-)


    If possible I would like to such topics to be considered:


    • How exactly DAG works, especially depending on mode, how it is related to other components like HSB or TMM
    • What is packet flow depending on VLAN and interface configuration - you mentioned difference between connecting interface from one blade and connecting interfaces from all blades as trunk. How then traffic flow looks like considering LACP hashing (guess it will direct traffic to given interface in the trunk), then DAG, HSB, backplane, TMM etc. How traffic is distributed in case of multi blade vHost.
    • VLAN config - mentioned best practice was to create trunk and include interfaces from all blades, then use trunk when configuring VLAN. Other possible option is create VLAN containing interfaces from all blades - if I am not wrong - is that useful config ot not at all?
    • HA - what is the reason that HA can be only configured between vHosts running on different Viprions, not between vHosts running on one Viprion - sure not best HA but I am still curious why not possible
    • Very interesting topic for me is what are limitation when using different hardware when creating DSC. What exactly will not work when next device is different hardware (like preferred is Viprion and next s appliance or VE). If I am not wrong mirroring will not work?
    • Not directly related but still... what subsystems are not used when PVA is enabled, what is exatct flow of packets in this case, related to PVA mode.



  • It was intended to be basic, it was an intro! :)


    I'll talk to the team and we'll come up with a documentation strategy for your lists, not all of them would be appropriate for the lightboard.


  • Hi,


    Sure, I know that it was meant basic. Those lessons are really great because it's possible to find out how things are working without need to read hundreds of pages of manuals and articles.


    I understand not every topic is appropriate but I will appreciate any from the list :-)




  • Surely. And whatever isn't appropriate in this medium, we'll write up as an article or do a screencast we can share.