Lightboard Lessons: Inspecting Encrypted Traffic With F5 SSLO and Cisco FTD

Over 80% of all Internet traffic is encrypted, and attackers use this encryption to hide malware. Inspecting this traffic is imperative for companies today. Properly inspecting this traffic takes several security devices, each with their own function.

F5 has created the SSL Orchestrator to serve as a single point of entry/exit for all encrypted traffic.

Traffic arrives at the F5 SSL Orchestrator where it is decrypted and sent to security devices for inspection based on classification decisions taking place on the SSL Orchestrator. Once the traffic has been routed through all the security devices, it comes back to the SSL Orchestrator where it is encrypted again and sent to its destination.

When you connect the Cisco Firepower Threat Defense into the F5 SSL Orchestrator you get a very powerful inspection solution for encrypted traffic.
Check out the video to learn more!

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Published May 31, 2019
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