Lightboard Lessons: Exploiting Cellular IoT Gateways

Critical emergency services such as police, fire, and medical manage their fleets with vulnerable cellular IoT devices. “Vulnerable” doesn’t have to mean a vulnerability within the hardware or software, although we suspect that is the case in some makes and models. In this instance, "vulnerable" can mean being susceptible to remote attacks because of weak access control and use of default credentials. An attacker can use these vulnerable device to launch attacks, as we have seen with thingbots like Mirai and Reaper, or they can use that access for nefarious purposes to spy, redirect commands in the case of a fleet taking orders from a remote command, or shut the system off, effectively disabling operations. In this video, John outlines the problem of weak authentication in widely-used cellular gateway devices.  Help spread the word, and for the love of all things security, change your default usernames and passwords!


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Published Sep 20, 2018
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