Lightboard Lesson: What is vCMP?

F5's Virtual Clustered Multiprocessing, or vCMP for short, is virtualization technology that couples a custom hypervisor running on the BIG-IP host with a hardware-specific scalable number of guest virtual machines running TMOS. This article wraps a short series of Lightboard Lessons Jason filmed to introduce the high level vCMP concepts.

What is vCMP?

In this first video, Jason covers the differences between multi-tenancy and virtualization and discusses how the vCMP system works.

vCMP Guest Networking and High Availability

In part 2, Jason covers the great flexibility in guest provisioning, guest networking concepts, and a high availability overview for guests versus chassis.

vCMP Security (coming soon!)

In part 3, Jason concludes the series with a discussion on network security, guest deployment security, and secure memory management.



Published Mar 27, 2019
Version 1.0

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  • very comprehensive article, the best thing in it is the mix and match, and with use of two different traffic group in the case of HA, you'll have a very resilient solution.


    Thank you Jason,