Hack to the Future: A Walk Through The Game

At this year's Agility conference in Boston, F5 will host a "Hack to the Future" event on Tuesday night where everyone can enjoy an awesome game of Capture The Flag.  The game consists of some really cool puzzles to solve and it also involves virtual bank accounts and web application administration.  We will have 8 teams competing in the main game, and other attendees can participate via hacking lounges, learning centers, arcade game stations, and other fun activities.  Some of the teams are already full but some spots remain unfilled on some of the teams.  In order to give a better understanding of what the game actually looks like, F5 engineer Shane Levin recorded a video to show everyone exactly what to expect.  Check it out below, and we look forward to seeing you at Agility this year! 


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Published Jul 30, 2018
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