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In this article, we will explore the F5 Accepted Answer feature.  When a user asks a question and that question receives several answers, another user who reads the entire Q&A thread might wonder which of the answers is really the best one.  Maybe several different solutions were presented in all the various answers.  Maybe one of the answers works well for the user who asked the question (user accepted answer), but maybe there’s another answer that is more complete for the larger audience.

F5 Accepted Answer

In addition to the “User Accepted” answer, we now have the benefit of answers being marked as “F5 Accepted” as well.  In fact, an answer can be marked as “User Accepted” and “F5 Accepted” at the same time.

We have a group of highly specialized F5 employees who are subject matter experts in their respective fields of study (i.e. LTM, DNS, Cloud, ASM, APM, iRules, iApps, iControl, etc), and these experts have been given the power to mark answers as “F5 Accepted”.  So, the F5 Accepted answer means that one of these experts has reviewed a given answer and, in their expert opinion, that answer is the correct or best answer for that given question.

The answer does not have to come from an F5 employee in order to be marked as F5 Accepted…in fact, we prefer that the answer come from someone in the community.  So get out there and start answering questions…you never know when your answer will show up as the F5 Accepted answer!

Just like the User Accepted answer, the F5 Accepted answer will be highlighted and moved to the top of the list of all answers for that specific question.



Q&A Listing

When we back out into the main Q&A page, you’ll notice three boxes on the right side of each question…the first is the number of votes it has received, the second is the total number of answers it has received, and the third is the number of views it has received.  If a question has an “accepted” answer (either User Accepted or F5 Accepted or both), the “answers” box will be colored a darker shade to denote that is has an accepted answer.  This allows you to know right away that a question has an accepted answer before you ever click to see the details of the question.

Published Dec 02, 2015
Version 1.0

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