Getting started with the F5 Distributed Cloud Web App and API Protection Demo Guide


Sometimes all it takes to get started learning something new is just a little guidance, for those times when we just don't know where to begin.  Providing that direction is the purpose of the F5 Distributed Cloud Web App and API Protection (XC WAAP) demo guide.  The guide and accompanying demo videos will run you through sample app deployment, as well as App, API, Bot, and DDoS Protection use cases.  We provide the app, the testing tool, and the guidance, everything you need to get started and kick the tires.  All you need to bring is an F5 Distributed Cloud Account (trial is sufficient for this demo guide) and a bit of time.

The guide uses a representative customer app scenario: a Star Ratings application which collects user ratings and reviews/comments on various items. The app runs on Kubernetes, and can be deployed on any cloud, but for the purposes of the demo guide we will deploy it on F5 XC virtual Kubernetes (vK8s) and protect it with F5 XC WAAP.

The Scenario


The Guide


Video Series Part 1: Infrastructure Setup



Video Series Part 2: WAF Configuration



Video Series Part 3: API Protection



Video Series Part 4: Bot & DDoS Detection and Protection



Updated Nov 15, 2022
Version 3.0

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