Feature and Mascot Survey Results (UPDATE)

UPDATE 10/31: thanks for goofing around with us on this little sidebar.

shall henceforth be known as Jimmy Packets.


Firstly, thank you to the 31 people providing feature feedback on the three feature options for which I needed some tie-breakers; your input helped.

I'll keep this quick - CSS was the clear winner.

RSS got more #1 votes than Search Boost by a small margin but in this stack-ranked voting Search Boost got a TON of #2 votes.

All things being equal Search Boost gets the #2 priority followed by RSS.

BUT...all things are not equal so I have some more work to do.

The good news is we already have a start on fixing the CSS woes; more to come.

Onto the mascot survey.

This little pictogram got a handful of name suggestions - our favorites are DCoder and Jimmy Packets.

I don't think we need a survey for these two so persuade us in the comments of your favorite name and look for the reveal on Thursday.

(and yes, in the states, that is Halloween)

Published Oct 28, 2019
Version 1.0

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