F5 Agility Chicago 2017 Is Just Around The Corner!

Hi everyone,  

Here’s your friendly local reminder that

F5 Agility 2017 is coming to Chicago, IL this July 31st through August 3rd!

This year we’re expanding the scope of Agility and offering more breakout sessions for you, our technical community.

Recap of Agility 2017 features:

  • 20 hours of hands-on labs
  • Over 60 technical breakout sessions
  • Lounge featuring DevCentral, F5 Labs, and the F5 Store
  • Solution Expo featuring technology application partners


Come to the DevCentral booth in the Lounge and say hello!

For more information on reserving your place, go to F5 Agility 2017

Published May 31, 2017
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  • I'm pretty stoked about all the great content on tap for this year's Agility. There is plenty of value to go around for partners and customers, business and technical alike.


  • Does anybody know where the Agility 2017 labs and breakout session Powerpoints are located ? I think they reset the user IDs on the main Agility site ?


  • Hi Rocky213 - we're still in the process of making sure that all the recordings turned out OK, but the breakout session recordings and Powerpoints should be posted in the post-event site by the end of this week, and all attendees will get an email which includes the link to the repository. SOON.jpg