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Whether your services are deployed in a data center or migrated to a hybrid cloud environment, DNS knows where to send your users to their cool new app or favorite social media experience. Invariably DNS points the way to a connected session. Yes, it’s at this IP address. Or, it’s not available here but accessible at that address location, all in milliseconds.



So with all kinds of new mobile devices, apps, and services, DNS requests (.com/.net) continue to climb 100% over the last 5 years. In 2014, there are 10 billion devices alone with 77 billion mobile apps downloaded. It’s estimated that there will be 50 to 75 billion devices by 2020. Along with all the other products already connected or coming, the Internet of Things sending DNS requests is about to become much larger.




In addition, we don’t like to wait. If a mobile user has to wait more than 10 seconds, they’ll leave for another experience and revenue potential is lost. At the same time, as more online experiences move to the hybrid cloud, these virtual services are in a myriad of locations all requiring DNS to inform the client where the data is in order for the user to have a connected session.



More locations means more latency and DNS needs to perform with fast responses in order to keep users engaged. Since DNS is essentially the yellow pages of the internet resolving queries, it’s critical to have a highly scalable, exponential performing, and secure DNS infrastructure in order to deliver an optimized user experience.

F5 reimagines the traditional DNS delivery infrastructure as a paradigm shift to the edge of the network moving DNS services and app routing closest to the client based on geolocation.

BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager (GTM) with DNS delivery services, including Authoritative DNS, delivers very high performance responding to DNS queries on behalf of the DNS master server. In addition, much lower latency comes with Caching and Resolving services at the edge for internal users or subscribers, and increased DNS security services for DDoS mitigation and DNSSEC all come on an ICSA network firewall certified solution. Finally, implementing DNSSEC signing protects against man-in-the-middle and cache poisoning attacks that would redirect the user to a malicious session.



The results are an easy integration into existing DNS infrastructure, and the performance capabilities well into the tens of millions of DNS query responses per second on higher end solutions to keep your web sites and apps available during all kinds of scenarios.

Users will see a much faster and more secure query response allowing for a far better user experience and greater potential for business growth. Now your DNS infrastructure is ready to scale exponentially and securely to meet the growing demand and you have global app routing for an optimized and highly available sessions.

Automatically, your users’ DNS request for that customized online experience materializes, or that new business analytics site located at a closer location to them quickly loads. And, malformed DNS queries, invalid requests, are dropped to mitigate attacks. With large increases in DNS requests; automatic responses are sent at very high performance to keep online sessions available. These and many more options for DNS services and customization support apps and services uptime, keeping your business alive.

Now more recently you might have been informed that you need to move a portion of your apps and services to a hybrid cloud environment to meet cloud computing, disaster recovery, and cost reduction goals. As you ponder how to deliver a similar experience to users, consider what type of DNS and global app routing you need to replicate in various virtual and cloud environments in order to accomplish your new objective.

To learn more about how DNS supports the internet and how F5 supports cloud-hosted services, read the F5 Synthesis: DNS Shrugged article to help you accomplish your new mission.

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Published Mar 31, 2014
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