Devopsdays LONDON Survey Results and Trip Recap

I’ve been to a couple DevOpsDays events and every time I go it’s unique. This one was no different. That's the beauty of community events. We always meet someone new, talk about what they're doing, how things have changed in their work environment, which app they're using now that is helping them solving a specific problem, etc.

Unlike many events out there, the breaks between sessions are more important than sessions themselves:

There is also the element of surprise which I find amazing in these events. I remember back in DevOpsDays Amsterdam there was an amazing Kubernetes lab workshop. In London there was a Kubernetes lab challenge organised by Capgemini at its booth and whoever finished in the shortest amount of time would win £30 gift card.

And as Gold sponsors, we had the opportunity to talk briefly about F5 and to say a big thank-you to the organisers and everyone attending the event:

As if the breaks were not enough, most of the afternoon was reserved for open spaces, which is roughly as the name implies a space where you can talk about anything from technical all the way to non-technical DevOps adoption things. I initially had the impression it wasn't going to work but once the first person broke the ice, things kept flowing and all sorts of subject came up.

As F5ers, community is very important to us and while engaging with local community we always take the opportunity to collect some useful feedback and this time was no different! We once more asked about the biggest frustration attendees were going through at work:

DevOpsDays community members have spoken and here are the Pain Pebble survey results (with a big thank-you to all 124 folks who participated). I’ve highlighted the biggest frustration for each persona in red. Remember: everyone got 3 votes.

As seen above, most respondents belong to OPS side, and technical debt was the biggest obstacle for all folks who participated at our table, followed by bureaucracy. This makes it a bit similar to Seattle's survey in that aspect but we're talking about OPs folks here. On the other hand, it is interesting to note that for most DEV engineers, mismatching environments were the most painful issue. This reinforces what I've been observing that for most companies DevOps adoption is still in its infancy.

I would strongly recommend anyone to attend at least one DevOpsDays like this! That's all I had to share for today. Any questions or details you'd like to know about the event, please feel free to ask in the comments section down below.

Published Oct 11, 2019
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